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Sarah Lavigne

Based out of Toronto Sarah Lavigne is a Christian singer who aims on spreading her music to the people. 

100 Shots

100 SHOTS is a seven piece band that sounds like The Clipse, Rage Against the Machine and Amy Winehouse are doing donuts in your parking lot. Heavy beats and guitar, sharp as knives rhymes, cuts, and hooks blessed by an actual angel.


Uncompromising, adrenaline-fueled, symphonic melodic metal with an edge. 

Chad Steele

A local artist based out of Littleton, Colorado is starting to make waves in the music scene. Here him here at Local Sounds Online.

Rumors of a reunion are stirring! Are they true? We hope so! Lets revisit the band that stole all of our hearts! Coda!!


Elizabeth Rose

The band tours as a solo, duo, trio, or four piece ensemble. Rose's live shows include bass, drums and sax. The repertoire, originals and covers, is musically appropriate for an eclectic mix of venues: supper clubs, martini lounges, banquet halls, private parties, theaters, jazz or R&B clubs, and ballrooms. 

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