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CODA plays cover songs spanning three decades: everything from Journey to Bon Jovi to Player, not to mention Joe Jackson and Train. It's rock and roll with a drop of dance, a pinch of metal, a twist of alternative, and maybe just a touch of country twang.


None of CODA's members are new to the music world. Dan Hamilton, the multitalented keyboard player/rhythm guitarist/artist-singer, played with local band Jewel. Bassist Mike Vigil or "Mikee V." has played with bands touring the United States, Canada and Mexico, backing up such bands as the Steppenwolf and Rare Earth reunion tours. Tim Bovenzi has rocked about every rhythm on the drums – country, classic rock and Christian rock – as well as Las Vegas acts such as Kenny Chesney and Vince Gill.


The left-handed lead guitarist, Pat Casey, has a bachelor's degree in music and has toured with numerous bands, including Forever Fab, the Beatles tribute band. Chad Steele, lead singer/songwriter, recorded a demo with members of Journey and Kip Winger singing backup.


Both Chad and Pat have been writing songs for years, but what's most impressive is that CODA's original material is of the same caliber as the songs they cover. And all of these guys sing. Not only do they nail five-part harmonies, they also alternate singing lead vocals. This adds yet another level to CODA's extensive capabilities.


The band purposely covers songs that other bands don't. They play challenging material, setting themselves apart from bands who play the same songs that were overplayed before. CODA's shows are always new. Audience participation is encouraged. These five guys take their music to heart. Now CODA has partnered with Local Sounds Online – and the opportunities are off the charts!

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