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         Tim Bovenzi owner of LocalSoundsOnline, began his music career in the city of Syracuse, NY as a drummer and singer of one of Syracuse's "Hottest" vocal groups, Glyfix. In the early 90's Tim accepted an offer to work for Coca Cola USA in Denver, Colorado. Tim was offered a position playing drums in the powerful Christian group Eternity. The group was invited for a live interview on KRMT where their live concert and interview aired for over a month. The group also features a single title track, "Eternity", which was handpicked to be part of a Kingdom Records compilation, Fishes and Loaves. In the late 90's Tim founded the group Coda. This group, managed by Tim, repeatedly sold out clubs and venues all over the Denver area. As a result, the group was invited to open for national acts performing at the Grizzly Rose in Denver for two consecutive summer concert series. Coda opened for the Little River Band, Pat Benatar, REO Speedwagon, and Ronnie James Dio. This exposure propelled Tim's career to the next level and he was asked to perform with the popular country acts, Dewey Weibel and Roughstock, Kelly Johnson and Walker Williams. In early 2000, Tim decided to devote himself to the country genre while performing with a Group called Roughstock at major festivals throughout Colorado and Wyoming. He was introduced to singer Kelly J and was offered a contract to play the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, which ultimately led to a contract at Mickey Gilley's. While backing special performances for Darrel Singletary, Chad Brock, Rascal Flatts and Montgomery Gentry, Tim was offered the position of playing drums for Reba McEntire. After Tim’s closed audition with Reba and accepting the position of being her drummer, Reba announced her new TV Show “Reba” and cancelled her 2001 tour. Tim’s faith in the Lord carried him through that disappointment and propelled him into his God given destiny by moving back to Denver and creating his entertainment company LocalSoundsOnline. Reba’s friends along with Tim’s networking friends from Universal Productions, William Morse and others in the stage production industry, Tim quickly moved into concert design as an Executive Producer of major events. Today LocalSoundsOnline has produced concerts, developed talent, managed acts and hosted local and national acts on his website Even with his long and successful career in music, if you asked Tim today he'd tell you that the journey is only just beginning!

CONTACT INFORMATION Produced by Tim Bovenzi at LocalSoundsOnline 720.364.9219 or


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