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LocalSoundsOnline is a consortium of the region's finest music industry professionals coming together for the purpose of bringing the best talent and performances to Colorado. LocalSoundsOnline is promising event production of the highest quality in the most breath-taking events venue in southern Colorado. You can be assured your concert experience will never be the same.


Tim Bovenzi


Darnell & Ethan

Artist Development

Andrew Riojas

Graphic Designer

Tim Bovenzi owner of LocalSoundsOnline, began his music career in the city of Syracuse, NY as a drummer and singer of one of Syracuse's "Hottest" vocal groups, Glyfix. In the early 90's Tim accepted an offer to work for Coca Cola USA in Denver, Colorado. Tim was offered a position playing drums in the powerful Christian group Eternity. The group was invited for a live interview on KRMT where their live concert and interview aired for over a month. The group also features a single title track, "Eternity", which was handpicked to be part of a Kingdom Records compilation, Fishes and Loaves. In the late 90's Tim founded the group Coda.

Darnell Thomas met Ethan Myers through his cousin Eric Garcia, their relationship was formed in college. Eric had mentioned to Ethan that Darnell makes music and had knowledge of the

business, and had a lot of experience of all aspects in the music industry. They came together,and formed Y.F.E, also known as Yung Face Entertainment. They talked about their past history with music, and the goals that need to be met. Over the past 3 years they have worked together on several projects and have a wide range of music. Their focus is hip hop and R&B along with EDM and hybrid mixtures of music to reach in masses. The style between both artists is unique and captivating, with amazing chemistry in and out of the studio.

Andrew Riojas graduated from Colorado State University with his Bachelors in Landscape Architecture. The economy wasn't its greatest so he decided to go back to school and graduated with his Associates in Graphic Design and Rich Media. Following this he joined a few firms and gathered experience in the field. Many of the projects varied from creating dvd cover, to book layouts, and to create ads. After spending two years at firms he decided to go at it and become a freelance designer. Since then he has been creating business identity packages for companies. He builds everything from their main logo, business cards, invoices, and websites.




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