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Born and raised in Lakewood/Littleton Colorado, Chad started singing and writing songs at a young age. By the 6th grade Chad was making the rounds to local radio and T.V. stations promoting a song wriiten and performed by Chad, his music teacher and his best friend. "Shooting a music video and singing live on the radio, Chad was hooked".By the the time Chad was in 8th grade he had a band already playing out and writing and recording originals.Chad graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art in 1992 with a degree in Music and Video production. Released his first CD with his Institute of art band "SURRENDER".In 1997, after recording a CD with Ansley Dunbar and producer Tim Tucker, Chad joined the band "CODA". Coda opened for touring bands such as The Tubes, Hall n Oats, Eddie Money, Starship and Pat Benetar.In 2002 Chad wanted to do things on his own. He released a self titled CD and started his own band "STEELE".





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