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The Game

The Game

The game involves Denver’s music and producer communities coming together in a game of dice. This EDM challenge is dictated by the outcome of a pair of dice. That’s right - a pair of dice. One die reads a specific EDM style, while the other reads its genre challenger. All these events lead to “Beat the House,” a selected winner's performance with your host, “Anything But Monday,” at the 7,000-seat Magness Arena. Do you have what it takes to take home 1st prize?


Winners will receive the following prizes, which will include the previous prize winnings. Example: The first prize winner receives the second prize and third prize awards, in addition to the first prize award.


1st Prize-

  • Recording Contract music collaboration with Stephen Stone and his top 10 DJ charted female group “Anything But Monday"

  • Performance appearance in the TV Show and Beer commercial with “Anything But Monday.”

  • Main Stage Direct Support performance at the Colorado Charge industry party, presented by LocalSoundsOnline and sponsored by Mirosa Beer

2nd Prize- 

  • Day out with major celebrity performer of that evening, Stephen Stone's top 10 DJ chart female group “Anything But Monday"

  • Photo shoot - Meet 'n greet with “Anything But Monday”; Direct support performance for the next major concert event, including a tailgate performance with Otis Day and the Knights


3rd Prize-

  • Trophy ceremony and award recognition along with a special Stephen Stone review on the LocalSoundsOnline website.

  • Free scholarship to the LocalSoundsOnline Music Academy and Featured Artist of the Year on the LocalSoundsOnline website

  • No-wait ticket at all Colorado Charge and LocalSoundsOnline events for 2015 and 2016

  • Photo shoot with Big Brothers Big Sisters and Celebrity and Children’s Celebrity pass

  • Limousine to and from each Colorado Charge event - includes hotel rooms for all performers in your group


Recording contract presented by Stephen Stone, including 3-5 song recordings and production by Stephen, as well as artwork and replication along with a forward comment embedment. Also a LocalSoundsOnline feature story and a privately owned LocalSoundsOnline radio station for all LocalSoundsOnline listeners and members to enjoy!




The Preliminaries

The Preliminaries will be hosted by LocalSoundsOnline using the Ustream program, which will be embedded to the LocalSoundsOnline website to ensure you get the full effect of the contest while receiving the latest updates to the celebrity-hosted contest. The LocalSoundsOnline website will featurelocal production studio sponsors and their celebrity sidekicks, who will show their faces during the final rounds. You, the viewer, will be able to cast your vote using the website to view the acts. Your vote, along with the LocalSoundsOnline listening crew, will play a critical role in choosing the best EDM performer to go on to the next semifinal round (see Semifinals).


Semi Finals
The Semifinals will be presented live in a total of five events hosted by the five local producers who are sponsoring their own events along with the main event. Each producer (with the help of LocalSoundsOnline) will throw a party at a local club of their choice to present the Beat the Dice semifinal round. Each of the five rounds will be embedded to the LocalSoundsOnline website as well, using Ustream in order to maintain consistent voting. Bloggers at this point will be accompanied by a group of celebrities who will be using fictitious names. Their names and posting to the judging stand will be revealed only after the completion of the semifinal round!



The LocalSoundsOnline listening crew will cast their vote along with yours for unbiased music community voting. The five winners of this round will enter the final round, which will take place at the Magness Arena. Each local producer/judge will then be assigned their celebrity sidekick. ]Also double-check this date



1. Producer must bring 3 beats per battle

2. Samples can be used

3. Custom drum kits, outside drum kits, and basses are allowed

4. No a capella groups

5. Vocal samples and skits allowed

6. Cuts, breaks, and scratches allowed

7. Mix track length is not to exceed 10 minutes in performance challenge and not to exceed 3 minutes in a tiebreaker

8. All producers must complete registration to compete

Sign Up

Sign Up

All players must be MEMBERS for the benefit of supporting the Local Music Scene.


LocalSoundsOnline Membership                               $149.00

Contest Sign Up (Solo)                                                 $55.00

Contest Sign Up (Group Over 3 Members)                $125.00

Producer Sponsorship Buy On*                                  $2500.00*

Enrollment to LocalSoundsOnline Academy            $1255.00**
      ( School starts March 1st, 2016) Details to follow

      **Early sign up incentive $750.00 until January 1st, 2016


* This portion is limited to five special producers called to take part in one of Denver's Hottest industry parties to ever hit the arenas here in Denver and at Denver University! The buy has been set by the industry pro's and not buy the roll of the dice by all means!

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