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Will Simon is originally from Romania and moved to America in the late

1990s while still in school. After a few years working for a major

electronics retailer as a service technician, he started his own in 2003

and has been navigating the business world ever since.

He is also an owner of Cibernetix, a computer support company serving

thousands of customers in the Denver Metro area. Being an established

 business, Cibernetix is a member of the local BBB, and a recipient of

multiple Gold Star awards for excellence of service.


As a major partner in LocalSoundsOnline, Will has been an integral part of the company’s development, handling the operations, finances and technology needs, while assisting with event coordination and concert production alongside the industry’s top personalities. He is contributing his talent and knowledge in IT to help create the online presence of LSO.


His experience spans over 20 years, including programming, networking, hardware repairs, web design, development and publishing, and has been in the field the majority of his life constantly updating his knowledge and expanding his skills, as the industry dictates. A business owner for over 10 years, he also brings a managerial approach and real business experience, making him a perfect fit for an executive role in any challenge.

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