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The prisoner's prayer!

Can it be heard? Is it heard? Absolutely! Has the call has been put on your heart to answer that prayer by loving and ministering to the lost, the incarcerated and the loved ones related to the incarcerated? 


Bad choices can lead to bad places and difficult life challenges. The prisoner is a dreamer, too: maybe misguided, or simply hurt and given the wrong impressions about love. Learning about love on the streets cannot be compared to the Love of Christ. One must choose - but before choosing it, it must be shared by one who understands it, lives it, and can prove it or (in better terms) demonstrate it! 


Our team has gone through the process of deliverance and has truly been shown God's plan for our lives. It's simple … surrender! Let God do His work in you, and you will see that the plan He has for you is the true definition of the word COOL! 


We all have a tendency to think God's plan for our lives is singing "Kumbaya” in a foreign country somewhere we really don't want to be! But this is not the case. After allowing God to work in my life, I experienced a true relationship with Jesus which, in turn, brought me to my God-given destiny: a concert promoter working in the music business and sharing the truth of the gospel with those who have been divinely placed in my path, astonishing them with the realization that they had been praying for an answer to a specific need and that God was using me to bring that answer. There is nothing uncool about that!


StreetBlok417 has hundreds of testimonies of walking in a room or a project at the moment when the lost had been on the verge of giving up, considering suicide, overdose, murder, abandonment, divorce, or simply asking God for an answer!


 I personally walked into a room where a very influential drug cartel leader had just learned that he was facing many years in prison for a list of bad choices that he had made. He was at his end, and he had been praying for an answer. 


StreetBlok417 is a dedicated group of pastors, intercessors and counselors who move in the gifts of deliverance and teaching.


StreetBlok417 sees the accused and incarcerated purely as individuals who have survived lives of hard circumstances. Over time, the individual has become deceived into living the wrong way, resulting in a downward spiral in his or her life. This is typically brought on by a lack of direction, neglect, rejection, loss, and generational family dysfunctions, to name only a few, and results in bad decision making, criminal acts and/or a poor quality of life.


StreetBlok417 (“417”) sees the criminal as the child that was once a dreamer who had aspirations and life plans to become someone who did something special or important. We encourage hope, faith and love by teaching him or her about “Spiritual Strongholds” and “Character Over Giving” models that have been proven and continue to prove themselves an extremely successful way to rehabilitate. We allow this process to be fulfilled by implementing it slowly into the individual’s everyday life. 417 provides intercessors who continue to see the broken individually through good decision making, prayer and match treatment, counseling, no matter how much time is needed. A small act may require a jail sentence but does not necessarily bring correction.


Our promise is to rehabilitate those convicted through a spiritual process, molding their characters based on biblical principles. They are then placed into new job positions (if needed) provided by 417. This builds accountability and strong work ethic, teaching and mentoring a “character over gifting” understanding spiritually and physically. During and after this process, we begin building on a foundation to reach their destiny, graduating them into match treatment counseling that is specifically designed to move the rehabilitated into their future. As children, we all had dreams of being a pilot, a lawyer, a music producer, a teacher or a pastor; at what point were the accused and the incarcerated deceived into believing the impossibility of reaching that dream?

StreetBlok417 promises answers to the “why” and “what happened” questions that leave the loved ones of the incarcerated up at night. While promising blamelessness, we encourage the lost by showing love where most of society just won’t. StreetBlok417, while continuing to build its foundation, donates to and supports any and all organizations that work to bringing relief in the lives of the lost, whether it is financially, physically, geographically or, most importantly, spiritually, and promises hope for a better society.


This course, as a model, is the promise of not only rehabilitation but an answer to life struggles in 2015 and in years to come. In times like these, a fresh, cutting-edge approach to meeting the people where they are, versus old-school teachings, is paramount! StreetBlok417 City Outreach uses major concert events to raise funds for and awareness of the children and families of the incarcerated.
StreetBlok417 was founded by Tim Bovenzi in 2004 during his journey to develop LocalSoundsOnline while listening to account after account of hardships and loss through friends and family who had been in and out of the prison system.

God allowed Tim to hear the cries from the prison walls and the inner city, the cries of people needing more than most of us can offer. StreetBlok417 is a faith-based organization that raises funds for its new "Get Out of Jail Free" program. This program works closely with bail bondsmen and state representatives to assist in corrections and pre-, present and post incarceration. Get out of Jail Free means what it says: Free of the burdens that have caused delays in relieving hardships in the lives of the incarcerated. 


Our funds are spent very carefully to provide a secure rehabilitation program, a stable lifestyle that graduates into a match treatment program to build the future of the incarcerated dreamer, whether it be a teacher, musician, lawyer, or fireman. We ensure the success of the believer who becomes the achiever.


StreetBlok417 continuously seeks the giver! Pledge offers:


  • Volunteers

  • Mentors

  • Teachers

  • Pastors

  • Musicians

  • Career opportunity

  • Trades

  • Small business development

  • Community service

  • Education and more


Join us and participate in developing this wild, much-needed city outreach organization!

Thank you,
Tim Bovenzi

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