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Part One

The Game

You have waited all week for this announcement and we promise not to disappoint! The Colorado Charge and LocalSoundsOnline are hosting a three part event! Part one if you haven't guessed it is none other than our final tryout! Part two of the event will be a cheerleading tryout for anyone interested in joining the cheerleading squad. Part three we would like to announce is the Colorado Charge First Annual Christmas Party! This is no ordinary party as we have many special guests joining us. While this event is huge the Colorado Charge would like to announce our first game of our inaugural season!

Part Two

Part two of the major announcement is the Colorado Charge will also be hosting a cheerleading tryout for the team. Anyone who is interested please join us on December 19th!


Part Three


Part three of the major announcement is the Colorado Charge and LocalSoundsOnline will be hosting the First Annual Colorado Charge Christmas Party! If you thought the tryouts was the only thing to hope for that day then your wrong! We are honored to have Stephen Stone fly in and join us. Not only that but we will have Tre Rich and Dj Squizzy Taylor. Full details and location are coming soon!

Scheduled Games


The Colorado Charge are proud to announce our first game featuring the Billings Wolves from Montana. We are very pleased to be playing a team from the IFL league! Many more games will be announced soon.


Sign Up

To be a participant of the football and cheerleading tryouts please follow the link to the Colorado Charge site and buy your tickets online. Same day tickets will be available with a $5 increase. Thank you!

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